Free HIV Testing Information

NIAC is partnered with Panhandle Health District to offer free rapid HIV testing to targeted, high risk individuals in our community. NIAC performs the Clearview HIV ½ Stat-Pak Rapid Test. This rapid HIV test result is ready in 15-20 minutes and is performed using a small finger prick of your blood. The Clearview HIV Test identifies HIV antibodies in the sample of your blood. This test is very accurate; however additional testing is necessary to confirm a reactive result. The HIV antibody test only works after the infected person’s immune system develops antibodies to HIV. HIV antibodies are detectable usually around 3 months after being exposed, but sometimes can be detectable anytime from 2 weeks to 6 months. Your tester will determine if you should consider getting re-tested in 3-6 months.

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Individual Risk Assessment

Client centered counseling for high risk and highest risk seronegative individuals. Those people include:

      • Men who have sex with men (MSM)
      • Individuals who inject drugs (IUD)
      • Partners of MSM or IDU
      • Partners of HIV positive individuals
      • Individuals who have had a STD in the last twelve months
      • Individuals who have exchanged sex for drugs, money, food, shelter…
      • Active TB Diagnosis

Professional Counseling

Prevention counseling includes individual client centered counseling to the client prior and post HIV testing.

HIV Positive Support Groups

Provide a safe and confidential atmosphere for individuals infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.